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Workshops, prices & sizes

While enjoying a drink and a snack, you get the chance to make a unique painting in different techniques with oil paint. 

We agree upon a date and time through mutual consultation, during which we also discuss the size.

Choose from different wood panels with lotus leaves. 

- Prices include paint, brush, sponge, varnish, packaging material, apron (to protect your clothing) and tea & coffee.

- If you want to embellish a lotus leaf of your painting with imitation gold, silver or bronze leaf, an extra 5,000 KZT will be charged per lotus leaf.

- We work in sessions, 1  session takes about 3 hours.

- With 2 sessions or more, it can be spread over several days.

- If you need an extra session, you can book it for 25,000 KZT.

- Workshops can be paid in local currency ( daily exchange rate ).

Our Gallery

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